Our Team

Kate Fraser - Founder

BetaVet had its beginnings in 1989 when herbalist Kate Fraser established the Herbs of Gold brand in Australia. She returned to New Zealand in 2002 and established BetaVet in 2009. From humble beginnings, BetaVet now manufactures a stable of 60 products. Kate says “Horses are athletes. Like human athletes, the same principles apply. Our products are not performance enhancers, they are designed to support horse health through times of stress and the rigours of competition they endure week-in, week-out. BetaVet provides the ultimate complementary equine healthcare to maximise potential in the horses and give peace of mind for owners.

Paul Mitchell - Technical Director

One of the core principles I’ve learnt is the importance of the quality in the medicines we use for our patients. I strive to maintain ‘Quality and Efficacy’ as a cornerstone philosophy. My background in organic horticulture has kept alive an avid interest in all things organic and chemical free. I am in a great position to highlight the importance of quality, not only when it comes to the medicines we put into our bodies, but also the quality of what we use to support and treat the animals. My contribution to BetaVet is to maintain and elevate the already high standards of products and support through my thirty years experience as a practitioner and business owner in the natural health industry.

Nicole Molander - Sales Representative

I have had a love of horses from a young age and no matter what discipline I was doing at the time, pony club gaining my a and H certificates and working my way to 3 day eventing or training group one harness horses. I have tried to give my horses the opportunity to be in the best physical and mental health, so I am delighted to become one of the BetaVet team. I have seen the benefits of support that the BetaVet range can contribute in the day to day wear and tear of training for peak performance. Having the opportunity to work in the stables of leading trainers in New Zealand the likes of Jack Smolenski, Mark and Barry Purdon, Stephen Read, Derek Balle and Dave and Clare McGowan, gave me the confidence and experience to pursue a training stable in Australia. I stepped aside from driving on race day having been the first female from New Zealand to rain home group 1 winners in the sulky and concentrated on training numerous group 1 winners including the great Southern Star, Breeders Crown, the Oaks and running in the Miracle Mile. This opportunity allows me to show horse lovers how good BetaVet is.

Natalie Waters - Sales & Marketing Representative

I have been fortunate to have had horses from a very young age and it is a passion that has continued to develop over the course of my life. My love of horses has taken me from pleasure riding and Pony Club to overseas as a working student for several professional barns in the United States and Canada. Returning to Australia in my mid twenties I studied Equine Management with Melbourne University, taught Horse Husbandry for Victoria University and ran my own business teaching Children’s horse riding lessons. Being part of a dedicated and knowledgable team and to be able to share my enthusiasm for their products is a dream come true. I look forward to welcoming other riders and their beautiful horses on their Betavet journey.