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    BetaVet Echinacea

    BetaVet products work! ECHINACEA PREMIER for prevention is way better than the cure.

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    BetaVet Prepare

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  • Rhys Stones

    BetaVet BuildaGut

    A proven acid buffer for gastric health, that keeps our horses in top form

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    The All Stars team succeed on BetaVet supplements. I am behind them all the way!

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    BetaVet Protect

    Best equine joint care maintaining joints, ligaments and tendons for our team.

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$62.95 - $620

Herbs to help counter stress for more consistent training and performance. This formula helps to tonify core strength for robust resilience building lean muscle mass, a nice top line and a soft lustrous coat resulting in peak condition.

Regular price $62.95 AUD


$59.95 - $309.95

Gastric-Tec contains deglycyrrhized licorice with a mineral-rich, red marine plant lithothamnion for optimal gastro-intestinal health and aids gastric buffering to help maintain optimal gastric secretions for a healthy gut – including the stomach and the hind gut.

Regular price $59.95 AUD