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Sport Liniment

COOL N TITE is a strongly aromatic cooling sport liniment that can be used as an effective substitute for poulticing after competition or racing. Helps to cool the hocks and legs, soothe heated tendons and support a healthy response to stiffness, bruising and soreness. Effective liniment for both horses and riders. 

  • Support healthy response to sprains and bruising. 
  • Cooling action helps reduce discomfort and swelling.
  • Warming action for healthy blood circulation to the area.
  • Useful to soften and release tension in large muscle areas prior to training. 
  • Ideal for applying to injuries (where the skin is not broken) and after blows and contusions. 
  • Beneficial for old, nagging injuries. 
  • Aromatic oils help clear the airways when applied to the nose.
  • Apply liberally to affected areas. 
  • Bandaging over product is not recommended. 
  • Contains Arnica which may be a controlled substance in some disciplines during competition.


Arnica – Arnica montana
Essential oils of:
  • Wintergreen -  Gaulthera procumbens
  • Tea Tree -  Melaleuca alternifolia
  • Peppermint -  Mentha piperita

In a base of

  • Water, almond oil, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, glceryl stearate, sodium stearate, shea butter, sodium cetyl phosphate, phenoxy ethanol


Liberally apply directly to affected area and use as required. Do not apply to broken skin.

Store below 30°C away from direct sunlight

Use only if cap seal is unbroken

Keep away from eyes
Keep out of reach of children

Seek veterinary advice if symptoms persist

Contains arnica – For industry rules consult with your veterinarian.

We recommend product to be withheld one clear day of racing. 

BetaVet for innovative formulae developed from the latest clinical research and traceable quality assured ingredients.


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