We run a showjumping stable in Sydney, Australia, travelling and competing with a team of horses from 5yo to Grand Prix level. We have been part of the BetaVet team for a year and their products have become an essential part of our horse management and care regime.

We were amazed at our young horses immediate reaction to BetaVet Prepare. Across the board we saw an improved focus, energy and attitude in our team during competition and everyday training. We now use Prepare for all of our competition horses, Having our horses feeling their best is important to us and Prepare gives us peace of mind that our horses can perform at the top of their game.

As competitors in a country as large as Australia one of our biggest challenges is keeping our horses feeling happy and healthy when travelling long distances to shows. We and our horses travel around 10,000km every year, often travelling for 10 or more hours to a show. Prepare and Gastri-Tec an essential part of our horse management for long trips, not only for the older horses, but particularly the younger horses who are not used to long hours on the road. It maintains their energy levels and keeps them feeling well so they come off the truck after a long trip in top shape.

As with all showjumpers, our horses’ joint health is a number one priority. Protect keeps our horses comfortable and happy, maintaining their joints, ligaments and tendons. Because of the varying climate in Australia, we cannot always be sure of a perfect jumping surface, being sure that our horses joints are as healthy as possible ensures that our horses are comfortable on any competition surface. This is particularly important for the older horses on our team that are consistently competing at higher levels.

As well as this we always have EquiCoff and Gastri-Tec on hand in the truck ready for any niggling issues that may come along. Being prepared gives us peace of mind and having our vet box filled with BetaVet products makes sure that we are prepared for any situation.